Brand Synergy Group

Brand Synergy Group


Brand Synergy Group
116 East 16th Street
9th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Jeff Straughn (CEO & Founder)
Ph: 212.584.8070

Laura Striese (Partner, V.P.)
Ph: 212.584.8067

Brian Lancey (Partner, V.P. of Marketing)
Ph: 212.584.8048

Jennifer Erb (Account Executive)
Ph: 212.584.8069

Dave King (Partner, VP of Business Development)
Ph: 212-584-8061

Kayla Wininger (Account Executive)
p. 317.860.8422
c. 317.797.7007

Donna Grecco (Events)

Carrie Wiener (Business Development)


Brand Synergy Group (B.S.G.) connects brands with music and celebrities to deliver innovative marketing solutions with measurable results.

B.S.G. brings Vision, Thought, Creativity, Partnership and Activation seamlessly and effectively to our clients.

Founded by music industry and brand executives, we make sense of the business of music.

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