BrightShop Digital

BrightShop Digital


BrightShop Digital
c/o Primary Wave Music
116 East 16th Street
9th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Ph: (212) 661-6990
Fax:(212) 661-8890


BrightShop is a New York City based digital marketing agency and production shop. Cultivated from established marketing agencies and executives, BrightShop’s staff is a “super group” of digital marketers with brand and entertainment client experience.

We innovate, create, design, manage, and execute fully customized digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns to help clients meet strategic goals. Our point of difference is our execution. We’re committed to an all hands on deck approach to every campaign and will passionately share your goals and objectives, while bringing our fresh approach to engage your target audience.

BrightShop digital is a division of Primary Wave Music, one of the largest independent music publishing, talent management and  marketing companies in the United States. Primary Wave is supported by a wide array of complementary businesses and departments including television, brand sponsorships, games, touring events, recorded music, and talent management.

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